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At International Taekwon-Do Academy, we are committed to meeting the needs of everyone who walks through our doors. Whether you're interested in losing weight and getting fit or you're hoping to build effective self-defense skills for any situation, we have the answer for you here.

Our Kids Martial Arts classes offer students across Hoboken the best chance to combine character development, improved self-confidence, and lifelong values like respect and discipline.

We also have a wide range of classes for adults, helping people of all backgrounds and skill levels thrive. Join us for real-world self-defense classes, high-energy fitness training, and traditional martial arts instruction.

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Master Vic Teran is really an awesome teacher. He is super committed to the class and the discipline i.e. the Taekwondo way of life. More importantly, he is a very nice person!

Master Vic Teran is very good with kids and make sures they have a great experience. He really knows how to motivate, inspire and rally the class to their goals and produce results.

He really cares about the kids and their lives. They love him and respect him a lot (my son said last week that after # 1 mom and #2 dad, he loves #3 Master Vic in the whole wide world!). I have personally observed all the kids make immense progress with respect to their personalities. The kids, their parents and Master Vic have become a closely knit family and I am very proud to be a part of this family. We recently celebrated 4 birthdays together over the past 2 months and the kids and parents had a lot of fun!

Personally, my son started showing a lot of confidence, focus, energy and has started to develop a very healthy attitude in a short span of 3 months. Mr Vic also infuses a lot of cardio exercises and strength training for the kids into the regimen. My 4 year old has increased his stamina and endurance, has grown taller! and his eating habits have also improved greatly. We recently did two 1.5 hour hikes on the weekend which he completed with ease.

I have to say that this school is probably the best Taekwondo school in New Jersey!

Ram K.

After searching for the perfect place to start my TKD journey in the local area, I was lucky to find the International TKD Academy! Victor is a great teacher/instructor with a great background. Not only am I learning the martial art of ITF TKD, Victor incorporates self-defense and high intensity workouts as well. Couldn't be happier! 100% recommend, you won't regret.

Chuck Lupardo

My daughter has been attending classes for a short time but enough to realize that the teaching is very good as well as the discipline and respect that is very important, I recommend this school.

Shirley Gaviria

I can't say enough about the quality of Master Victor Teran's instruction and training. My son has been enrolled at ITA since February 2016, and in this short time he has gained a strong foundation in the art of TaeKwon-Do, as well as a newfound sense of confidence and discipline. My son has achieved a level of physical fitness that I have never seen in him before. I owe this to Master Vic's thorough, and intense, training. He doesn't cut any corners when it comes to teaching his students the fundamentals of TaeKwon-Do. His students not only learn about the physical aspects of the martial arts form, but the history behind its origins as well. 

And most importantly, he is great with the kids. He is always cool and under control--never losing his temper or expressing frustration with his students. He encourages respect among his students and commands the same from them.

If you're looking for a studio and a teacher that will advance your child through the belt ranks for a price, ITA is not the right place for you. If you're looking for a place that will challenge your child and leave them with a solid foundation in TaeKwon-Do, it gets no better than ITA and Master Vic.

Derrick Mitcham

Excellent program, Victor came highly recommended. His support and that of his team truly demonstrates his expertise and love for the sport. Add that to his past service and goals of helping so many, truly without doubt he leads by example helping mold the kids in his classes to be bright leaders. Victor pushes the kids to not only train in his class but to take hold of their studies and their futures helping guide them to be better, stronger and more humble members of society.  His training experience helped me achieve my weight loss goals and helped me become more active in other activities and sports I had avoided in the past. I definitely 100% recommend him for any weight loss or martial art program.  Vic teaches discipline and respect in his young athletes, with nothing but good reviews from teachers and coaches alike. Excellent defense training for law enforcement officers like myself. I enjoy training after work before my commute home everyday. Well worth it *****  

Sam Tareky

Extremely credible teachers and well rounded business:

I teach yoga and have worked with the owner of TKD in New Jersey and abroad working with the military.  Vic is an upstanding gentleman and truly knowledgeable in his field of expertise. I recommended this business and look forward to working with him again.

Dana Healey

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