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Rock R.

Hands down, Jersey City's best kept secret. Master Vic Teran certainly has a gift for working with children. We took both of our girls, one a very shy and reluctant 6 year old and our youngest and most rambunctious almost 4 year old to begin their Taekwondo tutelage under Mr. Teran. Needless to say, our oldest has certainly come out of her shell and surprised us all. This school is not just any ordinary Taekwondo studio, this is more like family. Each and every child is acknowledged, respected and given the opportunity to be their best self. Not only does he care about their progress in Taekwondo but he also makes sure to check their academic progress in school and reinforce the importance of education and discipline. I can't say enough good things about this place but more than kind words, what my kids have learned speaks for itself.

Javier F.
This is a great martial arts school!  Master Teran is not only a serious practitioner with a solid military and security background but is a dedicated instructor that has the ability to effectively connect and positively inspire children and adults. This is a very successful competition school that is based on values and that welcomes all regardless of their experience in martial arts or skills. His focus on developing character, situational awareness and defensive mindset are as impressive as the application of defensive techniques. I fully recommend this academy. Master Teran is also bilingual and is fluent in English and Spanish.
Aditi C.

I am very pleased on a teaching style. Master Victor is very nice person as well as very nice teaching style.Finally I found a suitable place for my kid.

Shirley Gaviria

My daughter has been attending classes for a short time but enough to realize that the teaching is very good as well as the discipline and respect that is very important, I recommend this school.

Glenn R.
Master Teran is the best martial arts teacher. He is committed to his students and also challenges us surpass our limits. I have personally have gotten stronger and he only motivates me to be best. Ive have not only learned martial arts, but also discipline and be a better person.
Derrick Mitcham

I can't say enough about the quality of Master Victor Teran's instruction and training. My son has been enrolled at ITA since February 2016, and in this short time he has gained a strong foundation in the art of TaeKwon-Do, as well as a newfound sense of confidence and discipline. My son has achieved a level of physical fitness that I have never seen in him before. I owe this to Master Vic's thorough, and intense, training. He doesn't cut any corners when it comes to teaching his students the fundamentals of TaeKwon-Do. His students not only learn about the physical aspects of the martial arts form, but the history behind its origins as well. 

And most importantly, he is great with the kids. He is always cool and under control--never losing his temper or expressing frustration with his students. He encourages respect among his students and commands the same from them.

If you're looking for a studio and a teacher that will advance your child through the belt ranks for a price, ITA is not the right place for you. If you're looking for a place that will challenge your child and leave them with a solid foundation in TaeKwon-Do, it gets no better than ITA and Master Vic.

Yolanda Amato

Master Vic is passionate about teaching & helping his students learn Taekwondo. His military background is very, very impressive. He also takes pride in his work & is proud of his students' accomplishments. He is friendly with the students and gives them encouraging words to always do better. The school participates in a couple of competitions throughout the year. This is very good exposure for the students that participate because they put all they've learned into effect. As a parent, it's such a happy feeling to see your child put all these forms/techniques together to defend himself or herself!  In addition, we have a yearly picnic trip & an annual anniversary award dinner which both events are so much fun for the kids & parents as well. We signed up our son after being at another school for two years. We are very happy & more than satisfied with our son's accomplishments under Master Vic's training & guidance. He's gained self confidence & enjoys going to his training classes! 

The cost of the classes are very reasonable! You will not find a better school, than our school!  In 2015 & 2016 we were awarded the "Best School!"

Sam Tareky

Excellent program, Victor came highly recommended. His support and that of his team truly demonstrates his expertise and love for the sport. Add that to his past service and goals of helping so many, truly without doubt he leads by example helping mold the kids in his classes to be bright leaders. Victor pushes the kids to not only train in his class but to take hold of their studies and their futures helping guide them to be better, stronger and more humble members of society.  His training experience helped me achieve my weight loss goals and helped me become more active in other activities and sports I had avoided in the past. I definitely 100% recommend him for any weight loss or martial art program.  Vic teaches discipline and respect in his young athletes, with nothing but good reviews from teachers and coaches alike. Excellent defense training for law enforcement officers like myself. I enjoy training after work before my commute home everyday. Well worth it *****  

Matthew R.
Master Vic has a passion for teaching Taekwondo. He is a great motivator and is very enthusiastic about helping his students reach goals and break barriers. My son and I both attend classes and I have seen great improvements in our training. Even when training gets difficult Master Vic gives you the confidence to keep pushing on which has been helpful. His leadership and guidance is much appreciated and it inspires greatness out of his students.
Dana Healey

Extremely credible teachers and well rounded business:

I teach yoga and have worked with the owner of TKD in New Jersey and abroad working with the military.  Vic is an upstanding gentleman and truly knowledgeable in his field of expertise. I recommended this business and look forward to working with him again.

Neena S.
My two boys have been going to this martial arts school for over 4 months now. These days most of the kids leisure time is consumed by playing computer games, watching TV and other sedentary activities. My primary goal was to provide them with some form of physical exercise. To my pleasant surprise, ITA is much more than physical activity and self-defence. Vic Teran plays the dual role of a martial arts instructor and a life coach. Kids become both mentally and physically fit, and hopefully, they also become better human beings. This institute is very unlike other institutes that mostly run for money. It is extremely hard to find a dedicated teacher. If you do find one, you know well enough to not let him go.
Ian McDonald

I served with Victor overseas in Iraq for several years. Whether we were training in self defense, or planning for missions, he always brought his A game. He is extremely knowledgable and has a great sense of explaining things so everybody understands, no matter their experience level. I highly recommend training with Victor and International TKD Academy.

Vaishali P.
Passion is infectious. You learn the best when your teacher is passionate and Master Vic Terran is martial arts passion personified. In addition to teaching martial arts, he also inculcates an important set of values that help you as grown up. Respect, timeliness, discipline, hard work and perseverance are some of them. He maintains a fine balance by  being a tough task master and courteous/caring at the same time. I see a lot of respect and admiration in the eyes of students and he has earned every bit of it. Unlike other Taekwondo classes in jersey city, belts are not for sale. One has to EARN them. One week free trial session is available. Go ahead and give it a try. You have nothing to loose.
Vipin S.
This is one of the best taekwondo academy. 100 % satisfied with the quality of teaching and approach towards the aspiring students. Instructor knows the job very well. One should learn the art of teaching from him as he nurtures the martial art to the students with great precision, toughness ( i.e. with soft touch) so kids are not scared and want to perform their best. Wonderful academy!!!
Daya S.
Teaching Taekwondo is Master Victor Teran's passion.  His profile is very impressive, having served in the marine corp during Iraq war as well as being involved in military training. Each batch runs three times a week and each session lasts for an hour.  Students wanting to practice more are welcome to come for a fourth session on Saturdays. All of this for only $150 per month. All good things in life are not always expensive :-). Passion and not money is his primary motive. A passionate teacher ignites the same zeal and enthusiasm in all his students. He is strict, caring, jovial and manages to strike a perfect balance of all these qualities. He pushes students to do well by positive motivation and takes them to championships to encourage them to do bring out the best in them. My daughter has been taking classes for over two months now and I am seeing positive changes in her. She is more active and more confident. Taekwondo way of life is not just about achieving physical fitness and self-defense. Students are bound to achieve mental strength and discipline as well. Most schools in US lack adequate training in mental strength and discipline and these qualities go a long way in achieving academic success. Taekwondo learnt from the rights masters would compliment school education. I highly recommend learning it from Master Victor Teran.
Morisa M.
Out of everything I've tried to get physically in shape (fitness classes, the gym, etc.), ITA is the only place where I feel like I'm truly bettering myself, mentally and physically, while also becoming part of a family. Master Victor is a phenomenal instructor, he pushes you physically to bring out the best you while also being considerate of your fitness level. Classes are personal and informative, with a good mix of technical training and fast paced exercises to build stamina. 
Jadora O.
Master Victor is the best instructor we have EVER come across. He really cares about the kids in his class and puts so much love and effort into each session. The parents and students become like family and Master Vic is the father of the group.

I noticed a huge improvement in the attitude and behavior of my daughters who attend his class. His sessions are not like your typical "commercial" Tae Kwon Do studio. They typically last 30mins + 3 days a week with minimal results. His session lasts longer and he focuses on the mental and physical aspects of each student.  I have a LONG list of positives when it comes to Master Victor and you can't find ANY Instructor like him! I highly recommend ITA
Kat F.
If I could, I'd rate ITA even higher. Vic is a tremendous teacher and role model for the kids and the parents too! Yes, I have seen my son progress immensely in TaeKwon-Do since he started there 6 months ago, but more importantly his character has progressed as well. He's learned helpfulness, mindfulness, dedication, and has a stronger work ethic and confidence because of his time at ITA and has forged a sense of camaraderie with his teammates. I couldn't possibly be happier with our experience here.
Amisha D.
If you're looking for a fun and result-driven place to workout then ITA is the place for you.  Vic is professional, knowledgeable and motivating.  You will definitely see results and be pushed to the max.  Be prepared to sweat!
Thea M.
I give the International TaeKwon-Do Academy a 5 star for this simple but extremely important fact, the owner is over-the-top dedicated and will do anything and everything to help make you or your child's experience the very best it can possibly be!
Dalen G.
Victor Teran is a fantastic instructor. He is passionate, driven and very skilled in TKD as an art-form. He utilizes a deep, military self-defense background to give his students a well-rounded education, and his "bootcamp" style workouts could make Tony Horton cry. In under two months of training, my stamina has nearly doubled, I feel stronger and my skills as a martial artist have grown. If you want to get in shape, master your body and mind and learn to defend yourself, ITA is the school for you. Come try his free introductory class and you will see for yourself!
Robert D.
Vinny is probably one of the most knowledgeable and professional martial arts instructors, I have ever had the pleasure knowing. Working alongside Vinny in Iraq for a number of years, we would spend hours discussing martial arts history and forms. You cannot find a more patient and understanding instructor than Vinny. Additionally, the work he has done for Veteran community is remarkable. Vinny has worked very closely with the Wounded Warrior Project, by offering special classes to our Veterans. Thank you Vinny!
Bethany O.
One word! WOW! My friend and I signed up for a series of classes at the academy, and expected it to be a class that would simply go alongside our regular gym sessions, we were happily mistaken. The class with Vic challenged us physically and mentally and was so rewarding that we felt better every time we returned. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and because of the intimacy of the space and the size of the classes you have the attention you need to learn and grow. I will always return! Thank you so much!
Jason J.
I had the honor to serve and train with Vin in Iraq. Vin is an amazing instructor and talented martial artists and a true asset to the Iraq-US Martial Arts Diplomacy Program.
Judith M.
My son has been training at this school for a year and a half now. I love the small class sizes, length and schedule of classes, and the individual attention that owner Vic Teran gives to each student. He takes a genuine interest in the well being of each and every one of them. He teaches them great ethics so they will develop in to valuable members of society. The school is clean and new and has a family oriented atmosphere. I wouldn't want my son going anywhere else. :)
Yohanna Diaz
Was looking for a place to workout, learn self defense and to challenge me physically, and I found this amazing school in the Heights. If you're looking to lose weight, tone and learn a good skill this is the place to be. There's a variety of classes. The instructor are very committed and knowledgeable in his field of expertise. Self defense, core training and combat HIT are very intense. Feels like I'm in military boot camp! Awesome classes, deserves 10 stars. Highly recommend this academy to anyone looking for a challenge.
Josephine G.
The TKD is a very good place for Children and Adults to get a good workout. The studio itself is very beautiful and clean. The area and location is perfect. A various types of class are being offered here along with different times to offer more to the community. Come and Experience it for yourself. Professionalism and charm great spot!!
Marcos P.
This is a great place!!! There really isn't anything in the neighborhood for fitness or even for activities for children - this place satisfies the niche!!! Very professional and the space is GORGEOUS!
Natalia N.
FANTASTIC!  The owner is professional and wonderful! I highly recommend Taekwon-Do Academy to people looking to master the art of discipline combined with the skills to stay safe or just looking to get fit and have an amazing time!  They have also done charity events to give back!  The people are just so great that work there!  The Studio is GORGEOUS!  Everything is so clean!  You could eat right off of the floor!  If you have not been to Taekwon-Do Academy, now is the time!  I recommend Taekwon-Do Academy 100%!!!!!
Leah M.
My son is taking classes here and I couldn't be happier with the level of professionalism and personal attention the instructor pays to the kids. I can see that the firm but encouraging coaching has given my son great confidence in his ability to try new things that would otherwise seem difficult. I would highly recommend this class for anyone of any age, even my husband and I want to take Taekwon Do now (and we're anything but athletic)!
Peter O.
I have trained with Vic who is the instructor of this school for over a year now and he is one of the best most efficient instructors I have ever trained with. I am in my 21st year of Taekwondo and I have trained all over the world, but the work out and teachings that Vic does is top class. He is efficient in hand to hand combat, weapons, traditional style and mixed martial arts which is very very hard to find in the US. I would rate this school as the BEST in NJ if not the Tri State area.
Marcia Clarke
Fantastic school! My son started about 8 months ago and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. The teacher is amazing, he's firm and patient but make no mistake he expects the students to do their best and nothing less. But, let me not leave out the most important aspect, my son wants to be there! Don't hesitate try it!!!
Jescenia Lopez
My son was there for a few months and learned so much. Sir Vic is extremely passionate about what he does and love the kids. I would definitely recommend ITA to other parents
Altagracia Cabrera
I went to watch one class and it was amazing the instructor and the children as well. I will recommend to parents to register their kids to learn TKD for self defense.
Michael Mendoza
From his history in martial arts to his time in the marines to working under the state department overseas in austere conditions, you won't find a better teacher. It's not just martial arts but the learning lessons of composer, tack, self control, bearing, self esteem just to name a few. Vic will teach you how to become a better version of who you are already.
Jamie Diaz
Instructor Victor is the man! He is not only an awesome teacher but has a passion for what he does. My daughter has been attending for about a month and has learned so much. We can't wait for what the future holds.
Nelly Santiago
My kids love going to class with Victor!! They've inspired me to join his adult classes! Keep up the great work ITA!
John Amato
The best place for anyone to learn Taekwondo. Master Vic is amazing. His training is some thing you will not get anywhere else. I wish we still live in New Jersey. The school is so good that we are willing to travel back to New Jersey for competitions just to see and be around master Vic
Ram K.

Master Vic Teran is really an awesome teacher. He is super committed to the class and the discipline i.e. the Taekwondo way of life. More importantly, he is a very nice person!

Master Vic Teran is very good with kids and make sures they have a great experience. He really knows how to motivate, inspire and rally the class to their goals and produce results.

He really cares about the kids and their lives. They love him and respect him a lot (my son said last week that after # 1 mom and #2 dad, he loves #3 Master Vic in the whole wide world!). I have personally observed all the kids make immense progress with respect to their personalities. The kids, their parents and Master Vic have become a closely knit family and I am very proud to be a part of this family. We recently celebrated 4 birthdays together over the past 2 months and the kids and parents had a lot of fun!

Personally, my son started showing a lot of confidence, focus, energy and has started to develop a very healthy attitude in a short span of 3 months. Mr Vic also infuses a lot of cardio exercises and strength training for the kids into the regimen. My 4 year old has increased his stamina and endurance, has grown taller! and his eating habits have also improved greatly. We recently did two 1.5 hour hikes on the weekend which he completed with ease.

I have to say that this school is probably the best Taekwondo school in New Jersey!

Chuck Lupardo

After searching for the perfect place to start my TKD journey in the local area, I was lucky to find the International TKD Academy! Victor is a great teacher/instructor with a great background. Not only am I learning the martial art of ITF TKD, Victor incorporates self-defense and high intensity workouts as well. Couldn't be happier! 100% recommend, you won't regret.

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