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Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Children – Animals book “Bunk the Chipmunk’s Quarantine Story” by Victor Teran, currently available at

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“Reviewed By Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

What a wonderful way to remind children of things they can do while they quarantine! Bunk the Chipmunk’s Quarantine Story is a story that needs to be told—right now! We need this book to go viral online to students and parents as quickly as possible. This sweet rhyming story of a chipmunk that is forced to stay home during a pandemic is so timely. Children and parents will like the subtle reminders they should practice during a virus. I believe this story will help children understand the pandemic that is keeping them from participating in their favorite activities. During a time when we feel a need to take control of something—anything—in our lives, this book offers suggestions of what children can do to keep busy.

The full-page color images in Bunk the Chipmunk’s Quarantine Story are bright and imaginative. I love how the chipmunk has a sink made from a stump. Children will like the creative illustrations that draw them into the book. Teachers and parents could engage children after reading the story with questions such as: How would a child draw a chipmunk’s home? What activities do you think chipmunks would do? What activities can you do while you stay at home? I think homes, schools, and public libraries will benefit by putting this book on their shelf. Children are still wondering why they didn’t go to school, why can’t they go to a public swimming pool, or why can’t they go to a friend’s house. This book should help children understand that it’s not hard to stay home.”


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