Recent Success In The Ultimate Taekwon-Do Challenge Saturday April 9th, 2016

Ultimate Taekwon-Do Challenge 2016…

14 students from the International Taekwon-Do Academy took part in the Ultimate Taekwon-Do Challenge in Tenafly, New Jersey. Every year our academy gets invited to multiple competitions and Championships; and every year ITA students do an amazing job!

A competition is not about winning or losing; but instead it is about learning from your mistakes and competing with oneself to become a better student in Taekwon-Do. It is about testing your mindset and your practice on a spiritual level. When you compete with yourself, you bring out the best in yourself. Time, focus, determination, dedication and patience are examples of a great student.


Their efforts are shown and proven at the event, because every ITA student puts their time and dedication to practice without any excuse or expecting a reward. ITA students understand that this is a discipline, an art guided by rules and regulations and by the 5 tenets of Taekwon-Do. Knowing this at a very young age puts them ahead of their peers as an athlete, academically, socially; but most importantly spiritual growth.


Many can see the difference between schools, and many of us can see the respect one has for another. In martial arts, one must always stay humble. Always show good sportsmanship. Win with dignity, lose with grace even if your opponent loses self control. Always respect the art. Remember, you are there to test yourself and your abilities. Nothing more but a training session against other schools. Give your best, but most importantly have fun and love what you do!

Our Academy participated on the following event:

Patterns – Ms. C. Martinez and Ms. A. Martinez took 1st place. Ms. Miskinis, Mr. E. Hernandez, Ms. Gomes, Mr. Youseef and Mr. Amato took 2nd place. Ms. Hernandez, Mr. Siffert, Mr. Rodriguez, Ms. Amato and Mr. Rios took 3rd place. International Taekwon-Do Academy took 12 out of 13 wins in this category with 2 Golds, 5 Silvers and 5 Bronzes. Great team effort by everyone on Saturday’s competition.

Sparring – Ms. C. Martinez, Ms. A. Martinez, Mr. Hernandez, Ms. Gomes, Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Amato and Mr. C. Teran took 1st place. Ms. Miskinis, Mr. Siffert, Mr. Escobar and Mr. Rodriguez took 2nd place. Mr. Youseef, Mr. Amato and Mr. Rios took 3rd place. International Taekwon-Do Academy took 14 out of 14 wins in this category with 7 Golds, 4 Silvers and 3 Bronzes. Great team effort by everyone on Saturday’s competition.

Overall International Taekwon-Do Academy took 26 out of 27 wins with 9 Golds, 9 Silvers and 8 Bronzes. In addition, ITA was awarded the “Best School 2016” at the Ultimate TKD Challenge. Great team effort by everyone on Saturday’s competition.

What a fantastic way to start the weekday. Job well done to all who took part in this event. Let’s keep the momentum going and get ready for the Red Tiger Cup in Pennsylvania on Saturday May 14, 2016.

“Compete with yourself in everything you do in order to bring out the best in yourself.”


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