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Martial Arts Leaders to be honored at the Masters Hall of Fame

COSTA MESA, Calif. – July 21, 2019 – PRLog — The Masters Hall of Fame is proud to announce the Masters Hall of Fame inductees to be honored at the 20th Anniversary Awards Banquet on Saturday, July 27, 2019, at the Hilton Costa Mesa.

“I am excited to be able to announce these remarkable Martial Artists for Induction into the Masters Hall of Fame on our 20th Anniversary,” said Dr. Daniel Hect, Masters Hall of Fame Chairman.

The Red Carpet at the Masters Hall of Fame continues to be the area where Martial Arts Icons and Legends are seen.

2019 Masters Hall of Fame Inductees
Grandmaster  Robert    Alejandre
Rick   Avery
Master  Lin   Barry
Sensei   Gary W.  Baugh Jr.
Sr. Grandmaster  Marc   Behic
Hanshi Dan   Cliff   Belschner
Sensei   Benny   Benavides
Master  Erik C.  Buemaflor
Oso Mfundishi  Tayari   Casel
Sensei   Ric   Chadd
Grandmaster  John J.   Conway
Sensei  John   Fonseca
Hanshi  Margarito   Gaspar
Sensei  Ricardo   Gonzalez
Shichidan   Michael   Gregston
Associate Master  Rich   Hale
Grand Master  George C.   Heath
Sifu   Joshua   Horne
Sifu   Vik   Hothi
Master  Raymond   James
 Sean   Kanan
Professor   Kenneth R.  Kellogg
Senior Professor   Shawn   Knight
Grandmaster  Samuel   Kwok
World Boxing Champion  Dasiy   Lang
Master of Arts  Graham   Lelliott
Sifu   Richard   Limon
Hanshi  Ricardo   Llewelyn
IKBA World Champion  Danny  Lopez
Tuhon  Belton   Lubas
Sensei  Enrique   Mares
Kyoshi Sensei   Garry L.   McKee
 Mike   McLaughlin
Grandmaster  Daniel   Medina
Master  Tanya  Monroe
Grandmaster   Jamie   Moore
Grandmaster  Steven E.   Nemetz
Master   John K.   Olson
Shihan   Chris   Pellitteri
Sensei  Tofan   Pirani
Grandmaster  Guy   Rafaeli
Master  Ken   Rebstock
Grandmaster  David   Rivera
Master   Dr. Davood   Roostaei
Grand Master  Steve   Ross
Renshi Sensei   Ernesto X.  Ruiz
Sifu   Harinder Singh   Sabharwal
Sifu   Hector   Santana Jr.
Sifu   Linda   Sedig
Grandmaster  Howard M.  Singer
Professor   Rod   Smith
Sr. Sifu  Dennis E.  Stewart
Professor   Brian   Strain
Sifu   Patrick   Strong
SahyunNim  Victor  Teran
Si-Sung   Angel A.  Velazquez
Sr Master of the Arts  Lee   Wedlake
ShichiDan  Jacqui Bee   Wendling
Master  Alexander  Witthar
Sensei  Shannon   Wong
Sensei   Dr. Reza   Yaghoubi
Grandmaster  Ted  King

“The Masters Hall of Fame is recognized as a premier Martial Arts event with guests attending from all corners of the world. We recognize exceptional Martial Arts Leaders and Legends through induction into the Masters Hall of Fame,” said Soke David Dye, Masters Hall of Fame President. “We are celebrating our 20th Year honoring Excellence in the Martial Arts, we have Grandmaster Cynthia Rothrock as our Keynote Speaker and Grandmaster Robert Goldman as our Grandmaster of Ceremonies.”

This year’s event will include a day of seminars starting at 8:30 AM.  Seminars are free to inductees and guests; however, donations will be accepted to help support the Royal Family Kids Camp, an organization dedicated to supporting foster children.

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